Monday 27 June 2016

From Joey's Instagram: Bedrest edition

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square photo showing the view from Joey's bed. The window frame is slightly open and through the window you can see an old row of buildings with sun shining. At the end of the bed are the handles of a walker. Caption reads: Another day of bedrest, but managed to get up a little this morning and plan to try and write tomorrow as well as get the video for the 21st finally up and captioned! Hopefully I will manage it!]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square photo with part of a pyjama covered leg in the bottom right hand corner. The majoirty of the photo is a tablet screen, showing the words: "Tara? I apologise if I'm calling at a bad time.." text moves out of the picture and then below it reads: "stiff and formal." The caption reads: I may be on #bedrest bug I'm still getting some #writing done today!]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square black and white photo showing a spotted bedspread with items piled up on it. To the right is a Kindle showing unreadable text. In the middle is a sheet of A4 paper, on which rest a small square notepad, two pens and a bulldog clipped bundle of note cards. The caption reads: So another day of bedrest and I had planned to write a little but the pain and nausea are too much to manage. I plan to spent it reading a good book instead!]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square full colour photo with a small brown notebook opened to a page balanced on a bluetooth keyboard which is just visible at the bottom of the photo. The page focused on the notepad reads: DTEE 6 X PAGES 24/06/16 and three lines below it: LO 1 x CHAPTER 26/06/16. The caption reads: Another day of bedrest but I managed to do some #writing! A bonus chapter has been written and I'm feeling good about it! Might even manage one tomorrow too!] 

*I am still learning about image descriptions and would welcome any feedback or insight so that I can make my photos and images accessible to everyone.  While for the time being I have focused on my Instagram feed, I will be adding image descriptions to all my images spoons permitting. Please do feel free to add your own should mine not be enough!*

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