Wednesday 8 June 2016

From Joey's Instagram

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photo of Joey Paul (me) a cis, white female with short brown hair. She is sat in a manual chair, with her arms resting on the wheels. She is wearing a khaki shirt and blue jeans. She has wire rimmed glasses, an oxygen cannula on her face and is smiling. Over her left shoulder is a black strap that leads to a small bag hanging over the right wheel, with two thin tubes coming from the bag and under her shirt. She is sat in a room filled with various office-like things, with a corkboard behind her with various notices on it. The caption reads: A #writer in the middle of a good scene. No character is safe from my killer keyboard! #beingawriter #joeywrites #indieauthor #amwriting #authorsofinstagram #wheelchairuser #oxygenuser #writerlife #authorslife #crimeauthor.]

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