Friday 23 February 2018

Review of Broken Jar Of Memories by Jamie Summer

Family first. That's Skylar Austin's motto. So when her little sister goes missing, her whole world threatens to come crashing down in a single night. But then June is found and everything should be perfect, right?

Only it isn’t.

June doesn’t remember anything — not even the sister she had always admired. With the aid of the sisters’ memory jar, Skylar wants nothing more than to help June regain what she has lost. While her kidnapper is still out there wanting to finish what he started, the Austin family struggles to keep it together.

Some memories are buried for a reason. So what happens once they start to unravel? Will they keep the danger at bay - or bring it right to their door?

My Review: 5 stars
I picked this up because I've become a fan of Jamie Summer quite recently and wanted to devour all that she wrote. I love a good mystery and this fit the bill perfectly. The idea of a memory jar made me curious and the opening scenes pull you into the story. As you alternate between Sky's view and June's you get a whole picture of what the two sisters are like, how they interact and how they both view the other. It was an amazing ride from start to finish. I loved every plot twist and turn and very much enjoyed this book! Highly recommended!

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