Monday 29 October 2018

5 Facts About My Current WIP: Translucent


I wanted to do another new series where I talk more about the current books I'm working on. As things stand right now, there's usually about a three year period from when I start a book to when I publish a book. And while I need to do better at talking about my current works and the process that comes following completion and before publishing, I thought this might be a good place to start.

So before I do the five facts, let me just give you the quick rundown of what Translucent is about. It's the second in what may be a trilogy and may be a series, but the overarching plot will stay the same. It's set in the future, the UK being split up into nine self-governing segments. All of them trade and hunt, but mostly keep to themselves. The way they view their citizens is that so long as they're productive, they're able to stay in the segment and live their life without issue. This isn't a problem for those born and living abled, but for those like Zya, from S-W, who had a stroke at a young age that left her with partial paralysis, the focus for the majority of her life has been to pass the Exit Exam. This is a test all kids take following their schooling that deems them able to join the working world. Those who fail, go into Further Training and are pretty much never heard about again. Zya has known this life and is getting ready to sit her test when the world explodes.

A series of explosions release a virus into the air that attacks anyone able. Almost dying in the school is the first hurdle Zya and her friends must get over and then as people succumb to the virus or survive but suddenly living with a new condition, it becomes clear that the world as they know it as changed. The same can be said for Jonah, who lives in N-W. The same virus is released there, only Jonah was always abled. Now with both segments cut off from help, Zya and Jonah both have to find a way to save themselves, and anyone they care about.

And let's get down to facts!

With the events of the first book leading to where they did, it made sense that the majority of book two would be on that journey both points of view needed to take. For Zya it was a choice, for Jonah it wasn't his first one, but one he made all the same. Both of them seem to have found themselves as the leaders of their groups and both aren't sure how suited they are to the role. But they muddle through regardless.

Or at least, they both think they do. They think that they're both on the same path for the same reasons and it's not even really a concious choice for them to be at odds. Both groups have their secrets, but given that Jonah and Zya have never met in person and only spoken once on the phone, it makes sense that they hold things back. Neither one of them really are very good at trusting people and they both were affected by the virus differently. Zya lost people, Jonah lost the life he'd come to know as his.


I'm talking not just about skin colour, or even medical conditions, but sexuality and gender. Backgrounds and thoughts and feelings. It's not about winning points, but about showcasing that people are, in general, very diverse. While one person may have the same condition as someone else. It all effects people differently. And that's not a bad thing.

Lena is a trans woman. Lumi is intersex. All of the colours of the rainbow are included in this series and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have ace characters and aro characters, gay, bi, pan and yes, het characters as well. I wouldn't want to write a book that didn't have a wide array of rep, simply because I know how much it's needed.

Leaving this bombshell here because I'm not doing spoilers. Zya has a secret and a choice she made. One other knows of it, but they don't know everything. And as Zya internalises everything more and more, it's becoming clear. She may kill everyone and she doesn't have the first clue as to how to stop it...

So those are my five facts about Translucent! If you have any questions, feel free to pop them in the comments!

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