Friday 17 May 2019

Guest Blog with Roxanne San Jose

On Other Books 
"Time Keeper" by Mitch Albom really melt my heart when I read it in the Philippines outside my late grandmother's house because Mitch was able to connect three characters in the story. The ending was touching as they were all accepting and deserving. I remember the font size and "short" the story was which I also enjoyed reading. 

From all the books, this is the creative one because usually it is just one conflict and solution in a story but this.. It is about connectivity among the characters. Mitch Albom did a great job as always.

On my Writing Process
I always start from the head (aka mind) and what I love to write about because I have to be passionate to finish the work. When I wrote, Time Travel, my YA Science Romance Novel I had to think really hard about the story is about, characters, genre, creativity, originality to make it presentable to publishing companies and readers. Then of course, I love doing it.

I took a nearly a year-break because I was in the Philippines.

After I wrote, Time Travel. At first, I did not edit it which was my biggest regret so I did got many rejections and few acceptance from traditional and non-traditional publishers. I almost go with one of the non-traditional publishers but the cost prevented me. This was the time I learned the importance of editing. 

I did my edits twice, sent it to an editor then publishers. 

Thank you so much Joey Paul for the opportunity.

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