Tuesday 7 May 2019


Tara has no living relatives, but someone is desperate to know how her father is doing. Could it be the one who caused all this in the first place?

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[ID A graphic for Dying Thoughts - Seventh Death with the release date just below the title of May 15th 2019. The text for the excerpt reads:
“When did this uncle call, and did he leave a name?” I asked, my voice shaky.
“A few times yesterday and then once early this morning, is there a problem, Tara?” she said, picking up on my tone.
“As far as I’m aware, I don’t have any other living relatives. I don’t have an uncle,” I said, trying to force the words out over the lump of fear now lodged in my throat. “If he calls again, can you get his name please? Or at least a number for me?”


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