Tuesday 28 May 2019


Things aren't adding up, and Lock's not sure if she made a mistake or if the ageing servers deleted a name. Whatever the case, it needs to be fixed.

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[ID: A graphic of an ageing light bulb for the upcoming release Lights Out. The release date is just below the title, which is July 20th 2019. The excerpt reads:
“Everything okay, Lock?” he asked, as I turned back to the screen.
“Yeah, I think so,” I mumbled as I ran over the names again and again, trying to remember who was missing.
“You look like something’s wrong,” Chris said, sitting down in the chair next to mine. “What’s up?”
“I dunno, I think I’m missing someone,” I said, glancing at him.
“How many names do you have?” he asked, pulling one of my screens so that he could check my work.
“Fourteen, but I can’t find the missing one anywhere in the system,” I said. 


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