Sunday 19 May 2019


When aging ends at twenty-five and all life ends at sixty, Lock has to make sure that everyone entering their final sleep has the dignity and peace that goes with it.

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[ID A graphic for Lights Out with the release date as July 10th 2019. There's an excerpt on the graphic which reads as:

“We’ve got Jonathon Baker, but he’s also got his granddaughter with him, don’t know how old she is, too little for this that’s for sure. I promised him a quiet corner. You think you can manage that?” I asked her.
“Sure thing, Lock, I’ll take good care of him,” she replied as she walked beside me.
I wheeled back over to the desk and introduced them. “This is going to be your nurse for the event, Clara, she’s a good one and she’ll make sure all your needs are met. May your sleep be ever peaceful,” I said to Jonathon as Clara caught the eye of Sadie.


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