Friday 7 June 2019

Interview with Joy Jones

I am delighted to welcome Joy Jones to the blog for an interview! Here's a little about Joy:

Performance poetry, training workshops, storytelling, classroom teaching - Joy Jones has addressed countless audiences. She is the director the of performance poetry group, The Spoken Word and founder of the multigenerational double Dutch team, DC Retro Jumpers. Jones is the author of several books including Private Lessons: A Book of Meditations for Teachers. and Tambourine Moon, which was selected as one of the best books for children by the black caucus of the ALA and featured on the Bernie Mac show. Fearless Public Speaking debuts Spring, 2019. Visit her at

And onto the interview!

Do you read in your own genre?
Yes, I read Young Adult titles, both fiction and nonfiction. But that’s because I read everything and anything. Fearless Public Speaking is my first book for teens. I've also written a picture book, Tambourine Moon. Generally speaking, novels and biographies are my favorite genres whether for adults or children. I especially like books where the protagonist makes a180-degree change in thinking. Liberal to conservative. Lawmaker to outlaw. Believer to atheist. Victim to victor. It doesn't matter in which direction they travel. I'm fascinated by the transformation.

If you had to describe your style in 3 words, what would they be?
The main word that comes to mind is promiscuous - because I shamelessly love it all. Writing stories, telling stories, poetry, prose, plays, picture books, articles, op-eds, novels, newspapers, on and on and on...

What was the first story you ever told?
I can’t remember the first story I ever told but I can remember the first story I ever read. It was called Tip and it was about a dog. I was in first grade and that was the reader we used. It was the first book where I knew every word. I can still see myself reading the story aloud to my daddy. Over and over. (Poor man!) I could read a whole book! How wonderful was that!

Was writing always your dream choice of career?
Yes. I knew I wanted to tell stories since early childhood. Everyday in every way. On the page and on the stage. My daily deed and sacred creed is to feed the need to read. All things literary are very necessary. Okay, I’ll stop now.     

Do you have a writing space? Pictures or descriptions?
My favorite place to write is propped in bed. That’s where first drafts happen. Creativity and clutter are literally my bedfellows. Then I go to the computer. More creativity and clutter ensue.

Where do you hang out most online?
The main place I hang out online currently is Instagram. Come on over and say hi to me at #Joyjones1433. I like to post items about the creative process.

Organised or not   
Organized? Ha-ha-ha-ha...                                                                                                 

Morning or Evening writer?
I’m at my best in the morning. But given that I’m not organized and even when I am organized, life doesn’t bend itself to my desire or direction, I write whenever I can snatch the opportunity. Lately, I’ve been doing my most writing whenever it’s quiet at work. Fearless Public Speaking was a little different. It got its start at The Millay Colony, a secluded wooded retreat for artists in New York state. The revisions, however, were done lounging in my bed or in stolen moments at the job.

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