Tuesday 18 June 2019


Things are heating up, as Lock goes digging for answers that don't seem to add up and make sense!

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[ID. A graphic for an excerpt from Lights Out, the background is a fading light bulb and the release date is listed as July 10th 2019. The excerpt reads:
“Xavier Clement & Zara Mackleby,” the bored man said, handing me two files. “Though next time be clear about the dates.”
“Sorry, I thought I had the right ones,” I replied, taking the files.
“You’re lucky I was able to find them,” he said. “Please return them to me when you’re done, so I can be sure they’re in the right place.” He looked at me with an expression that said he was explaining it as he would to a child. “Now, Officer, is it okay if I go back to work?”
“Of course,” I said, fake smile on my face as I watched him turn and leave. 


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