Friday 21 June 2019

Review of Call Me Anastasia by Jordi Burton

All sixteen-year-old Anastasia Piliar knows is a life of hiding and fleeing from the Shadows--monstrous, vile beasts that murdered her grandparents, and are hell-bent on destroying her family and her people.
For ten years Anastasia lived amongst humans. She knows no magic, had never danced in a grand ballroom with a werewolf, and has never had a dream come to life.

Her home realm, Jacqueline, is no longer safe. Allegiances are shattered as battles break out between the realms. People are dying, the magical protections around the royal city are being pushed to their limits, and Anastasia is thrown in the middle when she is suddenly reunited with her home.

It's there that Anastasia finds not only family, trees that move of their own volition, and great worlds she never imagined, but also a tremendous power...

...if only she understood what it was.

My review: 5 stars
I picked this up because the blurb intrigued me, and I was pulled into the story from the first page. It is a beautifully crafted novel about a girl growing up in exile before being pulled back into her rightful world. The fight to be the Princess but also to help her people goes on within her. She is not one to sit by idly and let others battle alone. I loved Anastasia, she was feisty and strong, and I appreciated that she didn't want to be in the situation she was. The ultimate betrayal was one I didn't see coming and I was glued to the pages. Overall, an amazing read!

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