Tuesday 24 December 2019


Lock can't help but worry that she's sent a woman to her death before her time...

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A graphic with a fading lightbulb, with the header of "Lights Out" and just below that: out now in paperback and ebook. Next to that is an award seal from New Apple. And the excerpt reads: 

“But if…,” I started to say.
“Yeah, if, if she wasn’t lying, if she really was thirty-five, if her chip was faulty, if her ID wasn’t a fake, all these ifs and we’re talking about your life here, Lock. She’s gone, nothing is going to bring her back and as far as we know, no error was made. If it turns out that there was, then just chalk it up to experience. Don’t make the same mistake again, but also, don’t throw your life away just in case.”


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