Friday 27 March 2020

Review of Death City by Stephanie Mylchreest

An idyllic summer vacation… unknown, merciless killer.
A desperate fight for survival.

Harper—a college student looking for adventure in Europe—is exploring the picturesque landscape of Slovakia with her friends when things take a deadly turn. Within a blink of an eye, a carefree vacation turns to death and destruction.

People around them are dying without explanation. Death is fast, and painful, and apparently highly contagious. Ninety-five percent of people in the death zone fall prey to the killer within minutes.
To survive, Harper and her friends must get out of the death zone to the quarantine center at the Czech border.

But it’s not just the pandemic they need to outrun.

As they race for their lives, flashbacks to Harper’s traumatic childhood threaten to cripple her without warning. The route is treacherous: a devastating fire pursues them, and not all survivors are looking to get out of the city.

Armed with nothing but their will to survive, will they make it to the border before they succumb?
My Review: 4 STARS
I picked this one up looking forward to the twists and turns and I wasn't completely disappointed. It was a fast-paced story with people dying suddenly, and a race to get out of the city alive, and with any other survivors. It was an enjoyable read, I just felt it was a little too short for the story it was telling, but saying that it's the first in a series so that's to be expected. Otherwise, I loved it, and would recommend it, will be looking for the second as soon as it comes out.

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