Friday 10 April 2020

Review of Dream Walker Academy: Remember by Joanna Reeder

Dream Walker Rules:
  • Observe, don’t interact
  • Keep track of your reality
  • DON'T change the past
Welcome to Dream Walker Academy! A school for time-traveling dream walkers who want to hone their gifts and not lose their sanity in the process.

Tessa Stewart wants out.

As the daughter of Dream Walker Academy’s directors and founders, she’s lived at the academy her entire life under the shadow of her parents' greatness. When the opportunity to attend a school across the country presents itself, she jumps at the chance.

She's a rare dream walker who remembers every timeline, no matter who changes it. Even if the change happened by accident. Her rare gift makes life confusing and stressful when she's surrounded by other dreamers 24/7.

So, she could use the break.

But then a time shift turns Sebastien Penn—a fellow dream walker and longtime friend—into the new kid at school. Tessa is the only one who remembers the old him, and she's certain the time shift made his life worse.

Things have to be changed back, but this new version of Sebastien is showing her all kinds of attention. The kind she’s always wanted.

The problems don't stop coming, and soon, she catches wind of serious troubles involving her parents. If nothing changes, it could mean the end of her happy family, and even the end of Dream Walker Academy.

The past is broken, and only Tessa has the power to fix it. If she doesn't lose everything first.

My Review: 4 STARS
I picked this up because it sounded intriguing, and the plot didn't disappoint. It was engaging from the first word, the idea of people able to dream walk. The only issue I had with the book was it felt disjointed and rushed in some places. The main plot was great, and I loved reading and working out what the changes would do to the current timeline, but there were times it was confusing to read. Overall, a good book!

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