Friday 24 April 2020

Review Of Piranhas In Pink by Nova Knightley

Lennox McRae has an unquenchable thirst for revenge.
After the tragic death of her sister, Lennox and her mom move to Everson Falls for a fresh start. Once she crosses paths with the PIPs, a group of perfect girls in pink, she’s warned to stay away from them. According to the students of Bainbridge Academy, the PIPs are nothing but trouble. Once Lennox learns this, her mission is clear. She must destroy them. As far as Lennox is concerned, girls like the PIPs ruin people’s lives, so she’s determined to bring them down. To do that, she needs to become one of them.

Unfortunately for Lennox, there’s way more to this clique than meets the eye. Everyone calls them Piranhas for a good reason. Lennox must complete three tasks to earn her place in the clique. She completes the first two effortlessly, but when the third ends in disaster, the PIPs help Lennox conceal a terrible crime. Now that the girls are holding a life-shattering secret over her, Lennox finds herself at their mercy. She must do everything she can to keep her life from falling apart and someone else from getting hurt. Lennox is hiding a dark past, but so are the Piranhas.

Becoming a part of the in-crowd was easy. Getting out will be impossible.

My Review:5 STARS
I picked this up because of the blurb, and I dove right in and devoured the book in one sitting. Lennox has a dark side, she also has a plan, and she's pretty sure she's in the right for what she does. Of course it means aligning herself with the PIPs and doing what they command. The story pulls you in from the first word, you end up cheering for Lennox even as things start to go seriously wrong. I adored the easy-going attitude with which Lennox writers, even when dealing with serious subjects. Overall, I was desperate to know what happened, and loved the twist at the end. I will be reading the second one ASAP. Highly recommended!

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