Friday 20 November 2020

Review of Reign Of Angels 1: Revelation by LG Castillo


Graduation is meant to be a new beginning. For me, it might be the end.

Sneaking off to Vegas was supposed to be fun and exciting. Nothing more than a getaway with my best friend to celebrate surviving high school.

But I can’t shake the feeling someone’s watching.

Determined to enjoy my newfound freedom, we hit the strip and meet Tristan, a wildly popular magician who’s worshipped by adoring fans.

Burned by guys like him before, I resist his advances. Yet, his smoldering blue eyes compel me, and I can’t help falling under his spell.

When the world erupts in chaos, and Tristan’s magic act turns out to be more than just an illusion, my entire life changes.

Suddenly, I’m catapulted into a world where angels walk among us, and Tristan is one of them.

Some are out to destroy us.
Some will protect us.
The real question is, which side is Tristan on?


My Review:  5 STARS

I picked this up because the whole idea of the world ending with angels appealed to me. I loved it from the first chapter, an explosive start, a thrilling ride, and then that ending almost killed me! The story was beautifully told, engaging and a rollercoaster of a ride. I loved Jo and Kareena and I adored their friendship, adored their values and the way they both responded to what happened. The world building was amazing, slipping in cultures and histories so naturally in the words. Overall an amazing read and one that I very much enjoyed! Highly recommended!

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