Friday 11 March 2022

Review of Finding Eden by KRS McEntire

Escape the city. Conceal your powers. Don't catch feelings for your assassin.

Lilah has heard rumors of a garden paradise known as Eden somewhere out in the wilds. Forced out of post-apocalyptic Chicago when her mutant abilities come to light, it's her only hope of safety.

But she's not the only one roaming the wastelands.

On Adam’s first mission as a newly-qualified Warden, he is tasked with finding and destroying the heart of the Resistance–Eden.

When Lilah's and Adam's destinies collide, neither can deny the spark of attraction between them, but how long can they journey together before their secrets come to light?

When Lilah lets down her barriers, Adam sees her for who she truly is and is faced with an impossible choice–between duty and his heart.


My Review:  5 STARS

I picked this up after I breezed through the first book and was desperate to know more about what happened next in this world. Dealing with two new main POV characters, both caught my attention and had me hooked from their first words. I adore the world McEntire has created and the way they weave in bits and pieces of world building and history within the plot. I loved the way the story unfolded and was amazed at how quickly I’d read it and finished it, desperate for more. I have the next book already and that’s gonna be one I have to read too. Another highly recommended book!

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