Friday 10 June 2022

Review of Girl Crush by Rori K Pierce

The boy Cori likes is actually a girl. Now what?

Cori Wright's entire world is falling apart. Forced to move right before her senior year, the only connection she has to her new school is a phone number and a name: Jesse Howell. Desperate to fit in with the crowd and seamlessly adjust to her new life, Cori clings to the hope Jesse's friendship offers. Then, she makes a shocking realization. Jesse isn’t who she thought she was.

Jesse Howell's unbearable home life has her counting down the days until she can pack her things and escape to a more accepting place. That is, until she meets Cori, the transfer student with a knack for breathing life into everything from old clothes to Jesse's hardened heart. For the first time in a long time, Jesse feels like she belongs somewhere. But there's a problem. While Jesse has finally found her peace, Cori's fear of societal rejection threatens to keep them apart.

With both their lives teetering on disaster, can they stick together in the face of adversity? 


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up have read books by Pierce before and enjoyed them. I loved the blurb and the cover, and wanted to see what amazing things Pierce had in store for this book. I adored Cori and Jesse from the start, and loved reading the twists and turns through their relationship. The family dynamics, the sub-plots and character growth were all so engaging and relatable. This was the kind of book I needed to read as a teen, and I adored the whole thing. The book is well written, well thought out and the plot and story is perfectly played out across the pages. Recommended to anyone who loves LGBTQ romance, with adorable characters.

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