Tuesday 28 June 2022


Harriet isn't sure what actually happened, but it couldn't have been real right?

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“Have you ever seen a ghost?” I asked her. Once the words were out, I realised, there was no going back. I couldn’t erase them from her mind, and I didn’t really want to; I wanted someone I could talk to, someone who was actually face-to-face with me. I mean, sure I’d probably ask Violet or Jeorgia when I next saw them online, but for now, Michelle would have to do.
“In real life?” she replied, looking thoughtful. I guess she was as surprised as I was that we were actually having a conversation.
“Yeah, I mean, I’ve seen them in movies and such, but I wondered if you’d ever seen one yourself, up close, in the flesh so to speak.”
“Maybe,” she said, looking cagey. I could tell she thought I was going to tease her about it if she told me.

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