Friday 2 December 2022

Review of I Don't Like Blue by Lyric C Faulder


Nothing could ever replace Azure. So why do they feel like he's still alive when they're together?

Riley was in love with Azure. They were outed as non-binary at school, and they transferred into what had been Azure’s school—but he died by suicide at the end of the previous school year. Now, Riley is alone, and they can’t stop wondering why their best friend would choose to leave them. The only thing holding them together is their role as vice president of the newly-formed Gay-Straight Alliance.

Then Riley meets Zane, the boy Azure couldn’t stop talking about. They’re drawn to him, but Zane can’t seem to get over Azure any more than Riley can.

Azure was in love with Zane. But Zane’s straight, so there’s nothing he could have done differently. When he meets Riley, he wonders whether he’s really seeing them for who they are, or who he wants them to be. Riley is determined to find out the truth behind Azure’s death, and at first, Zane encourages it. But as Riley grows closer to Zane’s ex-friend, the president of the GSA, Zane struggles with his feelings for Riley and the knowledge of what really happened the night Azure died.

My Review:  5 STARS

I picked this up because of the blurb and the cover, and I adored it from the first page. I loved Riley, loved Zane and loved reading their story, loved the dynamic between the two of them, the loss they both endured and loved getting to see them slowly come together and grow. Faulder has a way with words, and I adored their way of telling the story. As a parent of an enby writer, it was nice to see some enby characters told by an enby themselves. Overall, I only paused reading because I had to sleep, and loved this book very much. Highly recommended!

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