Tuesday 27 December 2022


Lynne doesn't trust that Hope hasn't messed with the evidence...

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“Can you blame me? It’s not like you usually talk to me unless you’re forced to,” I spat. She looked hurt and I actually felt good, now she knows how I felt all those times.
“Whatever. Look, last night, did you go into my lab?”
“Are you sure?”
“You mean, when you stormed off you didn’t go down to my lab and fiddle with some of the evidence, contaminate it on purpose ‘cause I upset you?”
“Yeah, I did that, Lynne. I pushed myself down to your lab, I opened the door, which you know, was locked, I went into your lab and I got all the boxes marked ‘EVIDENCE’ and spat on them all, just to really piss you off,” I said, sarcastically.

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