Friday 30 June 2023

Review of Dragon Blood by Sean Fletcher


The dragon has been unleashed, and there will be blood.

With the evil dragon Tyrus freed and gaining power every day, Astrid and Kaden are running out of options to defeat him.

Their enemies are growing.

Their allies are turning.

Kaden’s lost his full dragon magic, and Astrid doesn’t know if hers will be strong enough. And when the unthinkable happens and their best chance at killing Tyrus is gone, they’ll be forced to seek help from their most dangerous foe, Nico.

If he doesn’t kill them first.

In this final book in the Legacy of Dragons series, the lines between friend and enemy are blurred, earth-shattering secrets are revealed, and the only certain thing is that the price for victory will have to be paid in blood…

My Review: 5 STARS

I dived into this having read the first three books and desperate to know what happened after the events of book three. You’re thrown into the action, and Fletcher pulls you alone with all the twists and turns. New characters, arcs that come full circle and keeping you hooked to every single word. By the end of it, you’re feeling like you fought the battle yourself, and it was just perfectly crafted to be satisfying in the best way. Having read other Fletcher books, I knew I was going to be in for a great ride, and I was no disappointed. Loved it, highly recommended!

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