Tuesday 6 June 2023


Harriet isn't good at making friends...

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“You don’t have any ulterior motive?” I asked, instantly regretting it when I saw her face. It had gone from her smiling face to a stony expression. I was about to apologise when she spoke.
“You know what, Harriet. I’ve been nothing but a friend to you over the past couple of days. I’ve listened to you when you wanted to talk, I didn’t tell anyone about our talk about seeing ghosts because I felt like I’d found a friend and I didn’t listen in to your conversation with your Mum and I watched out for you while you made the call. I’ve been sympathetic and I’ve let some really rude things slide because I assumed there was a reason for it. Now I see that there is a reason you don’t have any friends here, basically you’re a bitch!” she snapped, grabbing her bag and storming off.

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