Friday 2 June 2023

Review of Dragon Lost by Sean Fletcher


A lone dragon is a vulnerable dragon, and the Slayers are closing in…

Kaden shouldn’t have left. Not the guilds. Not Astrid when she needed him most.

But the deadly Slayer Nico is working on his next plan to destroy the dragon-kin, and Kaden is determined to take him down, no matter the cost.

Only, Kaden’s broken, in both body and spirit. And when he finally uncovers part of what Nico’s planning, it may be too late for Kaden to stop him. Or for anyone to save Kaden himself.

Astrid’s searching too, for the Slayers, for Kaden, and for answers about the mysterious visions she’s having and voices she’s hearing. A poison has left her full dragon magic more unstable than ever, and the Convocation’s creepy new trainer is only making things worse.

If that’s not bad enough, her best friend Holly has discovered something insanely, dangerously, powerful long hidden within the guilds. It could be the very thing Astrid needs to stop the Slayers…or be Holly’s death.

Desperate for answers, Astrid has to seek help from the very person who tried to kill her. She knows he has sinister motives of his own, but she’ll have to play his game if she wants a chance to save her friends, and all dragon-kin, before it’s too late.

My Review:  5 STARS

I’d read the first book in this series and loved it so when the next three were out, I had to pick them up to binge read them ASAP. I adore Astrid and Kaden, watching them both come through things in their own different way and seeing where their journey takes them. Fletcher has a way of building a world that has you hooked from the first page and leaves you desperate for more. This book was no exception to his usual skill, and I breezed through it in a day, not wanting to stop because every page is begging to be turned. Overall an amazing read, and one that I recommend!

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