Friday 12 January 2024

Review of Curse Of The Orkney Sea by Joy Jarrett

Morag’s summer trip with her family and friends to a castle in Orkney, Scotland could fix all her problems. There's no way her parents will keep fighting once they're back in the place they honeymooned. Her best friend's hot brother will have to notice her when they spend months together. That AP art class she has to retake? She'll pass it this time, now that she's thought of the best theme for her portfolio: Orkney mythology.

Only it doesn't take Morag much time on the island to suspect Orkney mythology might be less myth and more fact. Strange lights in the water, odd footprints in the castle, and shadowy figures are only the beginning. It's obvious the islanders are frightened of something in the sea, and that Morag’s family are unwelcome.

As the summer solstice approaches, Morag’s problems condense down to one: Get everyone off the island—alive. But the only way that can happen is if Morag figures out who she truly is before time runs out.


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because it sounded like a book that would be good for a spooky nights reading. I fell in love with Morag and her family, as well as the other characters and was on the edge of my seat when it came to the mystical things happening on the island. I adored the medical twist, the new pieces of mythology and the way the story pulled you in and almost played out in front of your eyes. The characters were engaging, the islanders all unique and relatable in their own ways and the way the plot twisted this way and that before coming together for a delightful conclusion. Overall an amazing story and one that I very much recommend!

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