Tuesday 30 January 2024


Some things are precious enough to be kept close...

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I headed down the stairs, stopping briefly in my dad's room. Mum's vanity was still in the same spot it had been since she died. I was careful to avoid touching anything of hers and headed straight for Dad's bedside table. I knew that he had some good photos of Mum in there. Ideally I wanted one that had me with Mum, but I would have been happy with just a nice photo of her.
It took me about five minutes of digging through the drawer until I found a passport photo of my mum holding me when I could only have been a few months old. It was the right size and there were all four photos, so it wasn't like I'd be damaging the only copy. I smiled as I grabbed some scissors from my dad's office and took one of the photos with me as I headed down the rest of the stairs to join Kaolin in the kitchen.

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