Tuesday 9 January 2024


Harriet doesn't have much to relieve her stress, but music always helps...

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First though, I was going to play. I picked up the song book I was using and picked a song at random, checking that I knew the chords and softly strummed along to the tune in my head. I didn’t sing when I played and although some people used it to keep time, I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t sing because I didn’t like anything to get in the way of the sound and because I didn’t want to disturb Mum. I could make my strums quiet and soft, but a voice had the ability to carry to another room.
I must have played for about forty-five minutes and as I did, I felt my coil go to being just a piece of wire. I really need to stop with this metaphor; I was feeling less stressed and anxious basically!

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