Monday 7 January 2019

5 Facts About My Current WIP: Visible


Unless you've been on Mars, you'll be aware that I recently finished the second book in the Invisible series and because of that I decided to do another piece about 5 facts about my current WIP which is the third in the series: Visible.

For those unaware, the Invisible series is a sci-fi/dystopian series set in the UK. There are nine segments and one central hub. In each segment, kids go to school until they're eighteen or so and then they sit the Exit Exam, where it's decided if they're able to go to a job or need to be put in Further Training. The results usually are skewed so that any child with a disability ends up in FT, and are rarely heard from again.

Zya is seventeen, in South-West, and disabled. She's getting ready to sit the EE when there's a terrorist attack. Bombs fall from the sky and within them are a virus that spreads through the air. Anyone over the age of 35 is killed, and anyone not already disabled in some way develops a condition they'd previously tested negative for. Zya is one of the main points of view in the book while Jonah is the other.

Jonah is also seventeen, from North-West. He's completely abled, but his segment is also hit with that same attack resulting in him and his friends developing a wide array of conditions. The only hope for both segments is to appeal to the hub, but it's completely silent on the matter. Other segments don't respond to distress calls, and instead the two have to find their way out of this hell.

So there we have the synopsis, the third book obviously has a lot of facts that I can't share because of spoilers. You can find the five facts about Translucent here.

While I can't tell you what secret it is, I can tell you that he's got no choice but to be open about it. His reasoning for keeping quiet were bold and brave, but sometimes you have to lay it all out and hope your friends will understand. Even if you wish you didn't have to.


When writing this series I already planned for some romance, I just didn't know for sure between which characters. At the end of Translucent, I was pretty sure about where it was going and as I write Visible, I can tell you that it's definitely happening!


During Translucent, Zya was forced into a leadership role. On top of that she had her own secret to hide, but she couldn't and wouldn't share it with her friends. Now that she's still in that leadership role and questions are being asked, she's coming out stronger as she demands what's best for her and her people.

There was a big spoiler that dropped in the second book. I can't talk about it, obviously, but I can tell you that the more I write and the more I plot it out in my head, the clearer the truth is becoming. People may have thought they knew everything, but until the end, you won't know for sure.


I won't say who, or when, or how, but there are times when some people are easier to lose than others. The truth about everyone is coming out in Visible and those who were allies may soon be enemies as they all fight for their right to survive.

And there we have it, my five facts about one of my current works in progress. I'll think about doing some new ones along the way, but for now that's all you'll get from me! Happy writing and reading!

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