Monday 8 July 2019

5 Facts About My Current WIP: Opaque


I thought I'd start by giving you a brief synopsis of the series since this is the fourth and final book in this series and it wouldn't make any sense to new readers if they don't know what's going on. So here we go!

Opaque is the final book in the invisible series. The series is a dystopian/sci-fi genre. It follows Zya and Jonah who both live in the far distant future. England is split up into nine self-governing segments. Zya lives in S-W and Jonah in N-W. Jonah and Zya are still in school and getting ready to sit the Exit Exam. Zya has been disabled for the majority of her life, and because of this is at risk of failing the exam and being sent to Further Training. A place a lot of people with disabilities go, but no one really knows what it entails.

In the beginning of the first book, there are air raids over S-W and N-W. The only two segments attacked and along with bombs that kill many, there's a virus released into the air that has a devastating effect on the people living there. The majority of people over the age of thirty-five don't survive the initial virus infection. Those that do end up with a disability of some kind. Jonah was able bodied until the virus and now he, and everyone else in his shoes, have to adapt to a life that none of them expected.

Opaque picks up at the end of the third book, Visible, and I can't give you too many details because of spoilers. However I will say that while things felt like they were finally going in the right direction, they've hit a curve in the road and are facing a mission than none of them want.

So onto five facts about Opaque:


They've both come a long way since the start of the series. They've both lost a lot and neither one of them want to stay where they are. They want this war to be over. A war they feel that they've been forced into. They might have, at one point, seen it for the good it could do, but now they're both tired, changed and ready to be free from the chains surrounding them.


Out of all the characters in Invisible, I feel like Zya is the one who has changed the most. While she has good reason for it, she finds it hard to sympathise with the people around her. She didn't ask for this life and feels like she's done her duty as it were. Now she just wants to get through the mission and move on and past this to somewhere she can maybe call home. Though she's suspicious of the offers given to her because she's learned not to trust anyone, even those she cares about.

After the events of the other books, Jonah has closely guarded his heart and yet he can't help but notice that other members of the group see him in a way he's unsure about. He made a mistake in trusting someone already, he doesn't want to be that vulnerable with anyone again, but the heart wants what it wants, and he feels like maybe when all this is over, he can see about settling down with someone he cares greatly for.

The problem they all face is that they've being forced into something they don't quite trust and yet they want to believe that the people around them, those who've survived this journey so far are all on their side. But looks are not always what they seem and some people are easily manipulated into doing things that are against the core group's wishes. Zya and Jonah may be seen as the leaders, but they're not the only ones with an agenda, nor a wish to be free to the chains binding them. There's a snake in the grass and neither one has seen it coming.


As with all things, the end has to come, but neither Jonah nor Zya are sure about where they will be when that end arrives. It feels like the war is being fought outside of the segments, that the people within them are unable to see what's happening beyond their walls. It feels like they and the rebels are alone in their fight and none of the survivors are sure of where they stand. They want freedom, they want peace, but no one really knows if they will get that completely.

And there we have it, five facts about my current WIP, Opaque. I am super excited to be writing this book, to be getting closer to the end of the series as a whole. Stick around for next week when I'll be talking about my standalone WIP!

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