Tuesday 2 July 2019


The more Lock digs, the more she finds that she just doesn't like. And the more she realises how dangerous this all is.

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[ID: A graphic with a burned out light bulb with the title for Lights Out and the release date as July 10th 2019. The excerpt reads:

Connors didn't meet that criteria, at least she didn't from what I'd read. However, she had, supposedly, been working on exposing people who circumvented the sixty year law. Wouldn't that make her a threat? Someone who was working against the change these people were trying to exact?
Looking at it dispassionately, which I think was the only way I could look at it, you could see Connors as a threat that needed to be silenced. It wasn't right by any means it was, plain and simple, murder and to know I played a part in that almost made me lose my breakfast.


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