Tuesday 23 July 2019


Tara is adjusting to life with a loving boyfriend and a father who needs her home. But that doesn't mean that there's not time for dates, right?

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[ID: A background of a waterfall with the heading Dying Thoughts -Eighth Ending and the release date as October 9th 2019. The excerpt reads:

 “Yes, teachers, they seem to think we should stay for the whole lesson,” he joked. I chuckled and my grin got wider. “We going back to yours?”
“I er… I dunno. I think my dad has another agent to interview, so it might be all clear or he might be doing it at home.”
“And we do have a date later,” he said.
“We do. I believe someone suggested dinner and a movie?”
“He did. So what time?”
“Shall we say about six? Dad’s gotten a bit weird about me being out too late, so dinner might have to be the drive-thru at McD’s.”


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