Friday 18 September 2020

Review of Curse Of Blood And Shadow by J.M. Kearl

Cursed with visions of death. Cursed to die. Cursed to be a bloodthirsty monster. One thing is clear at the Allied Kingdoms Academy, curses abound and no one is safe.

I was born a cursed princess. With but a touch I can foresee death.

At seventeen I’m sent to train in weapons and magic at the new academy where dangerous, deadly, and ferocious could describe any of the students, myself included. It isn't long before I foresee a boy die and realize I’m not the only one cursed. Something lurks in the shadows.
Something dark.
I must find out what it is.

The pompous, arrogant— gorgeous prince from another kingdom suspects I know something is wrong, and tries to convince me he can help. It doesn’t matter that we hate each other. It doesn’t matter that our kingdom’s rivalry is ages old, students could die. Prince Zyacus is one of the strongest and fiercest of us all but his hard heart might have one weakness— me, and I might be a target of the creatures out for blood.

My Review:  5 STARS
I picked this up because the blurb spoke to me. I’m not really a big fantasy reader, but I will say that this book pulled me in and had me stuck in the story turning the pages rapidly to try and find out what was going on, what it all meant, and how it would all end. It was an enthralling ride and will be looking forward to the second book in the series. I adored the characters, the love story and everything in between. I will have to add this author as one to watch and will be glad to jump into other stories by them. Overall, a great read!

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