Tuesday 1 September 2020



Her friends wanna know everything about her empath abilities...

[ID: A graphic with a red background and the header of Cramping Chronicles: The First Twinge and underneath the words: Coming October 13th 2020. The excerpt reads:
How did you find out? R x.
Gray, take it away! J x.
Jessie was seeing things in my life when I was going through some stuff. The first time it was my grandfather dying. She knew about it but she also saw scenes that I didn't know about. When it happened the second time, well I didn't tell her I just waited to see if she'd know. And she did. That's when we worked out it was people she cared about. G x.
So before now it's just been Gray? R x.
Yeah, and my parents. My mum gets migraines and those always lay me out. J x.
Then why Meera? R x.
At the bottom is Joey Paul, her website of www.joeypaulonline.com and the logo of a green and purple bug in the far right corner.



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