Friday 2 October 2020

Review of Out Of The Woods by BB Swann

17-year-old Zaidyn Mitchell thinks being known as a book nerd is weird enough—until he wakes up on his bedroom ceiling. 

A newbie-weird-wizard-extraordinaire—Zaidyn must navigate his newfound identity, learn to fit in with his fellow freaks, and avoid scaring away Piper Duke, the girl of his dreams. 

Thinking to impress her, he agrees to help Piper’s father promote a project for a new library in a fairytale-like wooded area outside of town—but Project-Impress-Piper-With-a-Library backfires as Piper, along with his parents, strives to protect the wooded land.

The rules for the magical community are simple: avoid discovery and keep to your own kind. Despite warnings from friends and foes, Zaidyn pursues a relationship with the normal human Piper, earning them both the ire—and retaliation—of the ones in charge. 

Zaidyn seeks answers. Who really owns the woods? Why is someone so bent on destroying them? And what are his parents and the other magical adults hiding in there?

As he grows closer to the answers—and to Piper—the outside pressure mounts, building toward a conclusion that makes Zaidyn wonder if they will ever truly be…

…out of the woods.


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because I’d read books by Swann before and couldn’t wait to jump into a new story and new world and I was not disappointed.  The world is engaging from the first page, the idea of a normal teenage boy being faced with something brand new, and yet more secrets behind held back. The characters were so complex and well rounded, and I couldn’t help but cheer on for the young couple. I loved the way this book dealt with some issues, and the mystery element left me guessing and desperate for more. Overall an amazing read and one I recommend for those who love the paranormal with a hint of mystery entwined in the words.

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