Friday 23 July 2021

Review of Cursed: Out Of Ash And Flame by EC Farrell


Dying every day sucks. As a phoenix, I’m no stranger to the cycle of death and rebirth, but there’s nothing normal about this curse.

It sure does make bounty hunting a bit easier though. If I die on the job, I come back after just a few seconds good as new, something I’m definitely going to need now that I’ve taken on this new mark.

Max is charming, smooth, and like all bounties, insistent on his innocence. More frightening is the kindness I’m sure he’s using to manipulate the situation. He’s starting to see me, the real me, and I’m catching feelings when I’m supposed to contain him.

I’m all set to deliver him up to a powerful member of the Paranormal Tribunal, who might be able to help me remove this curse. When I realize Max is definitely telling the truth, however, I have to decide whether to help him clear his name.

If I don’t, Max will die for a crime he didn’t commit, but if I do, I’ll lose my place in the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, and possibly destroy my last hope of breaking my curse.

My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up have read the first in the series and adored it. The second one called out to me and I had to know what more was going on in this world. I ended up telling myself that I would only read one chapter and got all the way to ten before I forced myself to sleep, and then jumped right back in this morning. The characters are relatable and engaging, the world beautifully crafted and the creatures from a wide array of options. I adored this book, and loved the way things turned out along the way. Overall, a great read and one that I highly recommend!

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