Friday 16 July 2021

Review of Rules Of Crane by VR Friesen

 How do you stop a dangerous outsider when the rules say you can’t kill him?

Crane likes rules almost as much as she likes her knives. Rules give structure to her world. She can depend on rules to provide firm footing. Unlike, say, gravity.

It takes a grav-walker like Crane to navigate the treacherous, unpredictable gravity zones that fill the city. Outsiders to the zones—the downies who think “down” means the ground—are all too likely to get themselves killed. Crane has been assigned the mission of escorting a downie to the mysterious Tower, and the mission rules give her regrettably little wiggle room to use her knives on him. Even though no one—especially not a downie—should get their hands on the secrets in the Tower.

Crane always obeys the rules. But in the zones, rules are like gravity—all a matter of perspective.

My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because the whole premise appealed to me, a world where gravity just doesn’t work like it should, and Crane is thrown into the middle of it. It was a short, quick read, but wetted my appetite for the whole series. I adored the world, the characters and the peek into a different kind of world. It’s a series that I’ll be keeping an eye on, overall recommended!

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