Tuesday 28 September 2021



Tara can't believe the plans her dad has made for her summer...

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 [ID: A green background with three sunflower heads visible with the title DYING THOUGHTS - THIRD WISH at the top and Out now in ebook and paperback just above it. The except reads:

“Dad, where is this leading?” I asked, suddenly suspicious.
“I got you a summer job,” he said, sounding rather pleased with himself.
“You did WHAT?!?” I shrieked. He *had* to be joking around with me, didn’t he? I mean, he wouldn’t really make me go to work during my summer holidays. He wasn’t *that* deluded, was he?

At the bottom is Joey Paul and just below that the website www.joeypaulonline.com, and in the bottom right corner is the logo for Bug Books. END ID]

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