Tuesday 25 January 2022


Lynne is sure that Hope must've damaged the sample, everything else wouldn't make sense...

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Thinking about it, Hope couldn’t have done anything to contaminate the sample because she hadn’t been anywhere near my lab and it has a lock on it that only Adam and me know the code for. Anyway, if she had it would have come up as unknown or as someone closely related to me. It wouldn’t have been my photo in front of me, would it? Not with the words ‘MATCH FOUND’ flashing at me in green.
I ended up leaving Jack a note explaining that I’d been so tired I must have contaminate the sample and I’d swab for a new one in the morning and re-test it, along with the search form showing him that apparently I was a match for the blood on a knife used to kill two old ladies.
I locked up and headed home, trying to convince myself that that had to be the only explanation.
Didn’t it?

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