Friday 31 May 2024

Review of Drawing Red by Adara Spence

Progress doesn't sleep and neither does a vampire!

Facing homelessness, artist Lucy takes a job with global household brand Cross-Key & Co, entering a world where art meets the supernatural. One week in, her charge Oda (a naïve tree spirit inhabiting a notebook), goes missing, along with company supplies. If not recovered she could lose her job, home, and wolfishly handsome wheelchair using flat mate.

Lucy races to recover them, in a journey leading her through mirror-portals and uncovering secrets of cosmic proportions. Paranormal and intergalactic peace is on the line.

Amidst tangled relationships, chasing down an escaped vampire convict, and a web of family and inter-species politics, Lucy discovers her own her voice. But when the time comes to speak, will she be Little Red Riding Hood or the Red Queen?


My Review: 5 STARS

I’ve followed Spence for a while and so when I got the chance to read her debut novel, I had to take it. A delightful mix of the paranormal and sci-fi I was hooked from the first page. I ended up having to stop reading only because sleep isn’t optional, but I was drawn into the world. I loved Lucy and Will and all the many twists and turns throughout the story. The world was expertly crafted and leaves you desperate for more. I’m hoping this isn’t the only book to come out in this series because that ending left me desperate to know what happens next! I adored it, and as someone who’s not usually drawn to vampires, that means a lot. Highly, highly recommended! 

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