Tuesday 21 February 2012

Review - Blackout

When you first pick up “Blackout” by Joey Paul, your immediate reaction is to be insanely jealous of the main character featuring, Tally. She has it all – friends, family, popularity, everything the normal everyday girl or boy craves. She’s going places, meeting people… and then suddenly it’s all thrown into a disarray and you’re suddenly grateful that you’re not mixed up in this mess which has become her life. However you are drawn into the story by the array of characters and the aura of mystery - what happened to Tally before she went into a coma?

The twisting and turning story line does just what it says on the tin – twists your opinion about each individual character and where they stand with Tally and turning you against them one by one as you suspect they are up to Something. As her memories slowly return you begin piecing it all together along with Tally who remains as thrown as you will – and no one yet has guessed the villain of the tale.

Tally represents thousands of school children across the globe – the outcasts, the ignored, the people who never fitted in. The fact that you are able to associate with her this way makes the book that much more interesting to read and it is a very literal Can Not Put It Down book, especially towards the end where the suspense really begins to build!

The fact this book features a character who suffers Brittle Asthma also makes it an incredible read – raising awareness about the Asthma and writing a thrilling story at the same time? A commendable achievement!

Overall, Blackout has definitely been one of my favourite reads of recent years. It’s gripping, entertaining, heart rending and a fabulous read!

-Laura, aged 14

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