Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Review - Blackout

Tally Jenkins is a 15 year old whose life is just perfect. She’s popular, has lots of friends and a boyfriends and she has a family everyone dreams about. Only this time you have to take the word dream literally. It turns out Tally’s perfect life was only a dream she made up while she was in a drugs coma. Tally’s real life is nothing like she thought it was: she isn’t popular, she doesn’t have a boyfriend and her parents are not longer the same cool and nice people she dreamt about. Tally tries to adjust to this new life, but she won’t rest until she found out what happened exactly. Together with her friend Lisa she tries to make it all clear.

The reason why I like the book so much is because the themes used are so recognisable. Who isn’t familiar with the gap between the popular group and the unpopular people at school? Who doesn’t want to belong to the cool group? What teenager never has a fight with his/her parents? And doesn’t everyone like to be believed and have a friend you can trust?

JP describes it all in ‘Blackout’. She puts both emotional and happy touches in the book, as well as funny notes. The sarcasm and irony are genius and make you laugh each time again. There’s an excellent build up of the tension, followed by a surprising ending. The clues of the solution are given away step by step in the story, that way you can try to find an answer to all Tally’s questions, and maybe you find out what’s happened sooner then Tally.

Blackout is a book filled with emotions. It’s about friendship, trust and hate. Mix that with some good tension and you have a book you don’t want to put down once you’ve started reading.

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