Tuesday 21 February 2012

Review - Dying Thoughts - First Touch

When I first picked up “Dying thoughts – First Touch” I thought I was going to be reading and angst-ridden depressing story from the ideas the title had given me. I couldn’t have been more wrong, however as I found my reading experience fun and uplifting.

The main character Tara is captivating in herself; brilliantly sarcastic and witty her amusing narrative uplifts the whole novel, cracking well-placed jokes and quips to relieve tension throughout. The reader can often identify with her large collection of problems, from being an outcast, being forced into the company of the “popular” people that you hate and having to keep secrets from the people you hate but in contrast she also suffers many problems that the readers have not been through, such as Tara’s unique gift – to see the last moments of the deceased.

The other main character Kaolin may not be as instantly attractive to the reader as Tara but eventually I became very attached to her also. Together, Tara and Kaolin form a brilliant double-act whose antics kept me hooked right until the end.

The plot to “Dying thoughts-First Touch” begins at a slow pace, introducing us to Tara as she struggles with her gift but soon a twist sends the story hurtling forward and soon making this book completely impossible to put down.

Although the book is aimed at younger teenagers, I think it will be enjoyed by people of many ages. Sure to raise some smiles and maybe a few tears as well, this book is completely unmissable!

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