Tuesday 21 February 2012

Review: The Friendship Triangle

What I liked about the friendship triangle: It is about three girls who are like me and they have an adventure running away together because of all their problems. It is very exciting but sad in places but I still liked it lots.

My favourite character: I liked Char because she lost her little sister and was really sad about it and then found out her dad wasn’t her dad and her mum was lying but still managed to be a good friend.

Best bit: When Chloe, Sarah and Char all have the same dream. I liked this bit because it was a bit magic and showed that they were great friends. I also liked that part where they meet Maria and she makes their wishes happen.

Worst bit: When Chloe gets run over. I didn’t like this bit because I thought she was dead.

Why other people should read it: because it is about friends like everyone has and will make you appreciate your friends more. Plus it has lots of problems but they sort out in the end.

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