Tuesday 21 February 2012

Review: Dying Thoughts - Second Sight

Dying Thoughts: Second Sight, featuring the return of Tara and her best friend Kaolin is not a book to be missed. The style and prose of the book merges with a snappy dialogue to create a storyline that is both intense and believable. Moving the reader from tears to laughter to anger in the space of a few paragraphs, Joey Paul’s writing is riveting and this book is an excellent example of a true teenage thriller.

The storyline moves along at a pleasant pace; with both Tara’s school life and work with the police not balancing out quite as much as she would wish, you find yourself siding with the heroine in her frustration when teachers and ‘fellow-pupils’ such as Jody (who, I must agree with Tara, is the anti-Christ) stir up trouble and place obstacles in the way of Tara’s efforts to solve another murder.

As ever, the book revolves around death and Tara’s ability to see people’s dying moments by touching objects belonging to the person. The reader finds themselves at times shaken by some of the darker moments of the story, which seems takes Tara’s gift to a new level, with even more emotional impact than the first book.

The profound effect of Tara’s gift on her life becomes clearer in this book; and with the introduction of a new character Cassie, the secrecy of her gift and her work with the police becomes key.

With characters that you can believe are real and with a plot that keeps you on your toes, Dying Thoughts: Second Sight is an incredible read and I’d recommend it to everyone.


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