Friday 10 May 2013

Editing, Covers and Updates


I just thought I would do a quick general update to let all my readers know what's going on with everything at Joey Paul Online.

DYING THOUGHTS - THIRD WISH is due for release on JULY 8TH 2013 on Amazon Kindle. It is in the final editing stages right now and that's the part that I hate most! But do not fear, I will force my way through it and get it done in time. The new cover art is also in the works and will hopefully be ready for an unveiling sometime in late June. Both my editor and graphic artist are working very hard, as am I, to get this book out on time. 

Following the release of the third DYING THOUGHTS book, LYNNE & HOPE will soon be available on Smashwords and all other good e-book retailers. It will also be getting a cover make over, but that won't happen immediately. As always, follow me here or on Facebook to get the news first!

Along with new cover art for DYING THOUGHTS - THIRD WISH & LYNNE & HOPE, my graphic artist is working on new cover art for BLACKOUT, DYING THOUGHTS - FIRST TOUCH, DYING THOUGHTS - SECOND SIGHT & THE FRIENDSHIP TRIANGLE. Keep checking back for updates!

I am pleased to say that I finished both book nine and book ten last month and am now working on both book eleven and book twelve. Keep checking back to be among the first to get the information on those! 

As always, thank you for reading and be sure to follow Joey on Facebook or here on this blog. You can subscribe to updates by email in the sidebar.

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