Friday 29 April 2022

Review of Illusions In Paint by Ann M Miller

When art and illusion collide, no one is safe.

Eight months ago, Julia Parsons learned to control her strongest emotions—the ones that created doorways into paintings. With her Vista magic now in check, she has stopped looking for the descendant of the witch rumoured to have the power to remove her abilities. But when her magic goes haywire and paintings begin calling to her, she can barely resist opening portals into any works of art she encounters.

Then Julia runs into Luke Mercer, who offers to help her find the descendant, a teen named Marisa. When Julia’s boyfriend Nick joins the search, they locate the girl—in an art gallery, of all places. Before Julia can ask Marisa to remove her magic, the call of so many paintings overwhelms her, and she opens multiple portals at once. Marisa is sucked into one, and Julia and the boys are forced to enter works of art to get her back.

As Julia’s connection to the art intensifies, so does the danger lurking in the deep corners of the paintings they move through. In order to save Marisa and her friends, Julia will have to separate reality from illusion…and fully embrace the magic that runs through her veins, once and for all.


My Review: 5 STARS

I read the first book and had to read the second to know what happens next in the world with Julia, and Nick. I was pulled right into the world and ending up finishing the book in one sitting, just turning the pages and desperate to know more. The story was engaging, the twists and turns tightly woven through the words. I loved the world that Miller has created, the limitations and the expectations promised in the blurb all hit home perfectly. An enjoyable read and an author for me to watch in future. Overall, very much enjoyed and recommended!

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