Friday 5 August 2022

Review of Kiss Kiss For Real by Charvet Clark

It's the 1991-92 school year. Kind, unassuming, academic princess Diana Prescott has recently moved in next-door to the hottest, most intimidating guy at her new school, Rico Alvarez. They couldn't seem to be more different, so when friendship blossoms between them it inevitably causes a multitude of drama. For the first time, Diana experiences bullying and sexual harassment -- discovering her own personal and ethical boundaries the hard way.

When it seems like things between her and Rico are ruined, a shocking incident involving Diana reunites them as friends and allies. But is that all they'll ever be?


My Review: 4.5 STARS

I picked this up because the cover was adorable and I felt like the story inside would be as well. I wasn’t disappointed, and adored the couple, their love story and all the twists and turns along the way. Diana and Rico are a match made together, and I was hooked from the first page, wanting to know more about whether or not they’d get together. It took me a while to remember that this was set in the 90’s, but otherwise I was very much along for the ride. I loved that ending, loved watching the characters grow and change, and bar a small snippet of plot that I really didn’t like, it was an amazingly good read and one I’d recommend.

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