Tuesday 16 August 2022


Tara’s not sure if she should allow what’s being asked of her. So much has happened lately that it feels like a step too far…

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[ID: A waterfall against rocks background, with the title DYING THOUGHTS - EIGHTH ENDING at the top and Out now in ebook, paperback & audiobook just below the title. The except reads:

“Do I have a choice?” I asked, softly.
“Of course you do,” he said.
“But it could mean that they, my bosses I mean, decide that the trauma is too much to expose a minor to.”
“So I don’t really have a choice, then do I? I mean, Clare doesn’t know half of it, she doesn’t know about my gift and as far as she’s aware, I just volunteer here with my time. How do you plan to ask her for a mental health report, if you can’t even tell her why?”

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