Friday 8 March 2019

Interview with S.McPherson & review of At Water's Edge

I am delighted to be joined my S. McPherson on the blog today for both an interview and my review of At Water's Edge. First let's see a little about the author.

USA Today Bestselling author, S. McPherson is a young British expat living in Dubai. Not long ago, she was working as a kindergarten teacher and when she was not at work immersed in a world of imagination and fantasy created by the children, she was immersed in her own worlds of imagination and fantasy at home, dreaming up tales and writing them down. 

Fast forward to today and S. McPherson now works as a full-time author working on the final 2 books in The Last Elentrice series as well as on a brand-new series, titled: Ashes of Legends. When S. McPherson is not writing, she can be found dancing and singing around the house, usually to the latest song that's gotten stuck in her head (right now that's Out My Mind by Tritonal), or reading a deliciously delightful YA fantasy. Her TBR is extensive.

And onto the interview!

Do you read your own genre? Is it a favourite?
Yes, I do. I love fantasy. It lets me experience a whole new version of reality—one, where even pessimists are forced to believe in magic.

If you had to describe your style in three words, what would they be?
If we’re talking my writing style in my books, they would be: fun, adventurous and empowering.
If we’re talking my fashion sense, those three words would be: Whatever is close haha

Was writing always your dream choice of career?
Yes. When I was younger, I wanted to be a script and/or song writer. As I grew older and discovered the wonder of reading, I decided I also wanted to write books.

Do you have a writing space? Pictures or descriptions!
I do. I call it my little writing cave haha It’s a desk with many shelves toppling with journals, and on the top shelf I’ve balanced my vision board and my Marauders Map. It also often features my cat, some biscuits, a cup of herbal tea, and, of course, my laptop

Playlists? Yes or no? And why?
I do tend to put together playlists for each book, however I mostly write in silence. I do think that playlists help occasionally though, to help set the tone and evoke the right emotion for a specific scene I’m working on.

Which social media do you see as a must for writers?
I would say Facebook. It’s a great way to get involved in the writing and reading community through groups and book pages etc. You can also create your own groups, street teams and of course an author page where people can find and chat with you, and you can also share updates on your current projects.

Where do you hang out most online?
I’m mostly on Facebook and Instagram. But I do also spend a decent amount of time on Twitter and YouTube.

Do you have a favourite app for writing?
I haven’t really tried any but I did recently discover ProWritingAid and am loving it so far.

Organised or not?
I am super organised! Sometimes too much! Haha I tend to have a daily schedule and when it comes to writing, I tend to plot chapter by chapter. I start with the overall story idea, then main points in each act. Then get into the nitty gritty.

What's your favourite book you've read?
That is so difficult! Haha When I was younger it was all the books I read by Roald Dahl and I still love them today, but as I grew, I collected many more favourite books. The book that made me finally pick up my pen and actually finish my first book was City of Bone (Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare.

Morning or evening writer?
I can write all day, every day haha I do love to be able to dive in first thing in the morning and then I break for an hour or so, then dive back in, and so on, until bed time.

If you had a hashtag for your books, what would it be?
For my current series it’s #TheLastElentrice but in general, I think I would use #SMcPhersonBooks or #MagicInTheMaking

They say love can cross oceans, but can it cross worlds?

Dezaray is from Earth.
Lexovia is from Coldivor.
But when they accidentally trade places… Dezaray is thrust into a world on the brink of war. And the only one powerful enough to stop it is the sorceress, Lexovia.
Struggling between surviving in a strange world, moving on from her tormented past and not falling for the boy with blue eyes, Dezaray must also keep her identity hidden, masquerading as Lexovia, so the beasts that hunt the sorceress, don’t learn that she’s left the realm unguarded.
But the beasts aren’t the only problem. Lexovia is stuck in England and knows little of the human world. And the sorceress soon discovers that England may carry magical secrets of its own.
As both girls strive to find a way to trade back and restore balance to their worlds, Dezaray begins to wonder if that’s what she truly wants. Will she have the strength to leave the boy she loves when the time comes? And will Lexovia find a way to return before it’s too late?

My review: 5 Stars
I picked this up because of the blurb and dived right in. I'm not normally a fan of fantasy, but this one had me hooked from the first chapter. I wanted to know more about Dezeray and Lexoia and how the two connected. I loved the way the story was told, how you switched from one world to the next and the love story intertwined between them. I loved that Coldivor wasn't completely fantasical, that they had some basis with Earth, that teens were still teens! It was an amazing read and that ending? Give me more! Highly recommended!

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