Tuesday 19 March 2019


Tara and Nate's relationship has moved on since Sixth Change but will she ever stop being a lovestruck teenager?

[ID: A graphic with a teaser for Dying Thoughts - Seventh Death. The title is large under which is: COMING IN MAY 2019. The teaser reads as follows:

“I wish they would stop spending money on crap and actually fix the fucking heating,” I said, thinking back to my earlier observations.
“I love it when you swear,” Nate said, his smile showing off his dimple.
“Ummm,” I said, desperate to think of something to say, anything would do. So long as it didn’t make me look like a love struck teen who needed to take some time and learn more vocabulary. “Thanks?”


Don't forget the cover reveal on the 21st! So excited to share it with you guys on my Authortube channel!

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